Moderator introducing panel discussion

Humanizing Data Symposium

This day-long symposium examined how humanities scholars and activists can use data and digital strategies to enhance and disrupt the kinds of research questions, methods, and narratives that define the humanities. Its aim was to rethink alliances, forge stronger and more equal relationships between university-affiliated researchers and community-based organizations, and amplify opportunities to share both resources and authorship with one another. Featured projects and presenters included Dr. Kimon Keramides (NYU) and Jonathan Ned Katz on “Queering the Web,” Dr. Jack Tchen (Rutgers-Newark) and Heather Lee (NYU, Shanghai) on “Decolonizing Data,” Dr. Caleb Elfenbein (Grinnell College) on Mapping Islamophobia and Erin McElroy of the Anti-eviction Mapping Project, and Gergely Baics and Leah Meisterlin on historical mapping as “digital activism.”

Read more about the event at this link.


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